Best Messaging Apps For Small & Entreprise Businesses [2022]


Remote work is now everyday normal and so are the business messaging apps. Conference rooms have turned into group video chats. 

Now, you can have a professional conversation with your team from anywhere. 

Business messaging apps make team collaborations easier than email apps. You can send a quick nudge and get the work done.

So, to have a faster conversation with your team, here are the top business messaging apps for you.

The Best Business Messaging Apps

1. Slack


Slack is already a popular project management application. It certainly has top-notch messaging features.

You can have one-on-one or group communication via chat. The app allows you to create different chat rooms for each task/project.

One of the best features is to organize chat rooms and projects under a specific Hashtag. Slack chat also lets your share files via Dropbox, Drive, etc.

Price: Free, Starting Plan $2.67/month

2. Microsoft Teams


Another well-known project management app leading the chat features. With Teams chat, you can start a group conversation, channels, pin messages, save chat history, and more.

The app allows you to filter and even format messages if needed. You can tag people to convey the right message to the right person.

Price: Free, Starting Plan $4/user/month

3. Zoho Cliq


Zoho Cliq is a faster, cloud-based business chat app. One of the best features is you can view multiple chats at the same time.

You can pin conversations, share files, search specific messages, and much more. The app also allows you to fork chats to create branches of conversations.

Zoho Cliq comes with DND mode and easy integration with other Zoho apps.

Price: Free, Starting plan $3/month

4. Google Chat (Formerly Google Hangouts)


Hangouts have been a go-to app for business conversations. Renamed as Google Chats, it now has upgraded features. 

Now the conversations are more organized into small rooms. You can share high-quality files, connect the chat with G-Suite for a smooth workflow.

Google chat sets ‘Default Private’ mode to all chatrooms so only added members can access chat. Chat also allows you to add chatbots.

Price: Starter Pack: $6/user/month

5. Skype for Business


Skype has been in a corporate communication game for a long time. Organizations use it for instant messages, file sharing, calling, and follow-ups.

The app organizes your chats and groups into threads for easy navigation. There’s also an emergency calling feature for specific locations.

To keep the conversation fun, you can integrate and share Spotify song previews with one another.

Price: Free, Monthly subscriptions for cellphone calling features.

6. ProofHub


Along with project tracking, ProofHub offers flawless messaging features. 

You and your team can create new topics, collaborate on brainstorming ideas, and have organized chat per project.

The app is perfect for both one-on-one and team chats. You can quickly share files, add clients to the chatroom, and locate necessary chats via stored history.

Price: Starting plan $45/month

7. Chanty


Chanty is designed to make all types of conversations easier for the teams. 

It offers seamless messaging, audio calls, video calls with screen sharing. The tool lets you convert messages into tasks to integrate them into project management tools.

The Teambook feature of Chanty keeps all the messages, contacts, and project information on a single dashboard.

Pricing: Free, Starting plan $3/user/month

8. Twist


Twist is a comparatively new app for business messaging. It’s a blend of instant chatting and emails.

The app is designed for teams working from different time zones. You can create channels in Twist for dedicated communications. 

Project teams get the freedom to organize their chats and include only necessary members. 

It’s a professionally modern chat app.

Price: Free, Starting Price: $5/user/month

9. Basecamp 3


Basecamp 3 offers a very organized way of group communications. You can use the real-time chat room for quick follow-ups, share files, quotes, code samples, and more.

Apart from that, you can ask check-in questions to get a dedicated response from specific people. 

Basecamp’s message board features make the entire conversation about a certain project for better accessibility.

Price: Flat $99/month business fee.

10. Discord


Discord is well-known for its excellent voice chat features. The app was primarily a gaming app that later introduced chatting features.

Within the app, you can create groups of voice-chats and discuss shared projects. So that, you don’t have to type lengthy messages.

Discord has nailed the quality of voice calls. So the app is for teams that prefer to chat over calls.

Price: Free, Discord Nitro starting price: $4.99/month

11. Facebook Workplace


Facebook specifically designed the WorkPlace for business collaborations and project management.

The app lets you create dedicated chat groups per project, share files, receive feedback, and track your project progress.

Workplace automatically organizes all your work files into one place. Your team can use Workplace for instant messaging audio/video meetings.

Price: Core plan for $4/user/month

12. Amazon Chime


Hosted on AWS, Chime is an online meeting scheduling and business messaging app. You can easily plan meetings and even set a ‘Running Late’ flag when needed.

Chime makes it easier to share screens, record meetings, and instant chat with colleagues. The chat room allows teams to converse about projects, share files, and one user can join multiple chat rooms based on projects. 

The app also has chatbots to automate certain tasks. 

Price: Depends on the team’s requirements. 

13. Flock


Flock is a wonderful tool to chat, share files, call, video-chat among teams. The app comes with a lot of useful app integration options to have smooth communication. 

Some of the best features of Flock are- custom notifications, read receipt, edit/delete messages, and unlimited user support.

In-app search features make it easier to locate files or messages.

Price: Free, Starting Plan $4.50/user/month

Final Words

Forget about emails and complicated chat rooms. The above apps are faster, better, and secure for your next team meeting.

These messaging apps will not only save time but also boost productivity. So what’s your favorite business messaging app from the above list?

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