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Best Digital Products To Sell Online [2022]


We all agree that technological evolution is blooming. Digital products are becoming a new thing.

From online planners, books, budgeting apps, photographs, to vlogs, everything is sellable with a few clicks. 

And nobody has to maintain any physical inventory, it’s all on the internet.

Doesn’t that open up millions of opportunities? So, if you are interested to sell a digital product, here’s what you can sell and how. 

Best Digital Products To Sell Online

1. eBooks

E-readers are becoming popular these days. Not only can people read unlimited books online but it also removes the need for bookshelves.

Considering the opportunity, you can sell ebooks online. You can write about anything that you love, or are expert in.

Publishing it on ebook platforms like Kindle or on your own website through Shopify/Squarespace is quite easy. You can pursue your dream to be an author.

2. Music

Do you love creating music? Why not sell it online?

There are so many opportunities to get your music online for people to purchase. One of the ways is to self-publish songs on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and get paid.

You can also sell music via Sellfy, BigCommerce, or Sendowl.

3. Fonts

With each new digital copy comes a need for new fonts. People want new creative fonts to make their digital writing look attractive.

You can create unlimited fonts and distribute them on tools like Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Canva, or any other creator’s tool.

Your handwriting can make someone’s digital writing eye-catchy. 

4. Online Courses

E-learning is a new normal now. 

Teaching something online is a great digital product. You can shoot lectures and post them on your website through Thinkific, Teachable, or platforms like Udemy.

If you believe you can teach something to someone, tons of platforms can open that opportunity for you.

5. Audio Content

There’s so much potential in selling audio content. People these days treat Podcasts and audiobooks as both learning and entertainment medium.

You can easily host your podcast on various platforms, even on youtube. Audiobooks are as easy to publish as ebooks, although you might need a recording studio.

If you can produce excellent quality audio of any sort, you have a wonderful digital product to sell. 

6. Digital Art

Book covers, Magazines, social media, pamphlets, banners, and more such things need digital arts to decorate.

If you know how to create digital sketches and doodles, you can sell them to be used on greeting cards, invitation cards, Instagram posts, or anything.

You can even use your digital designs on T-shirts, Hoodies, Notebooks, Bags and create print-on-demand business using Sellfy or Etsy.

7. Services

Everything mentioned above and below this point can be considered as digital services. Basically, anything that can be transported online.

For example, digital learning, Saas businesses, content writing services, marketing services, or online consultancy of any type.

If you are an expert in something, you can use Sendowl, Squarespace to start membership services with zero hassle. 

8. Templates 

People are not fond of creating something from scratch, or more than once. That’s where templates come into pictures.

Templates can be of any type. For example, email templates, newsletters, social media posts, video thumbnails, PowerPoint, websites, or even invoices. 

Anything and everything can be put into a template and that’s one of the best digital products these days.

You’ll witness loads of demand. 

9. Subscriptions and memberships

Starting a subscription/membership business is quite easy these days. It has no limit. You can sell any type of content, software, services, on a subscription basis.

There are readymade tools that can let you set up recurring payment methods to start a business.

People are willing to subscribe to genuine, authentic, fun, and informative content. Spotify, Audible, Netflix, E-newpapers are all different types of content and all are membership models. You can start too. 

10. Video Content

Do you possess decent video editing skills? Then you can definitely start vlogging or selling video content online.

Video content can be e-learning courses, short films, video songs, or video podcasts. Videos have a higher engagement rate. With your creativity, you can maintain the entertainment level.  

Here, you can also make use of the subscription-based model to sell video content. Start small and expand as you get hold of it. 

11. Patterns and printables

The first thing people do when they want to buy something is search online. So even ‘Readymade printables’ are a thing now.

To save time, people are willing to invest a few bucks into patterns and printables. So, you can create anything like a To-Do list printable, Meal planning, Travel checklist, School timetable, Mandala designs, creative patterns, anything, and everything.

You can use Shopify/WooCommerce to sell printable/downloadable content on your site. 

12. Photography

Your beloved camera is a ticket to the booming digital business. Yes, you can sell pictures online.

It could be via platforms like iStockphotos, Pixabay, or through your own website. Various Magazines, newspapers, or publishing industries are looking for pictures all the time. 

You can put a fair price on your photographs and sell them however you want on any digital picture platform. 

13. Softwares and Tools

There’s no doubt that everything has an app now. Reading app, writing app, budgeting app, music app, and whatnot.

So, if you have coding knowledge, you can create and sell software products.

The software can either be sold as a product or as a service. That completely depends on what you create and how you want to sell it.

SaaS is a booming industry, you can certainly give it a shot. 

Final Words

Sky is the limit when it comes to digital business. You can literally sell anything and earn money to support your business. 

The best thing is, you don’t need any specific degree or physical infrastructure to start selling digital products.

Anyone can do it. You only need the Internet and a device, and you are good to go. 

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