Best Ecommerce Platforms to Sell Digital Products/Downloads


Wondering how and where to sell digital products? To make your search easy, we’ve brought a list of platforms to start an e-commerce store.

While you can sell digital products quite easily, some of these platforms make selling physical items easier too.

With a sleek user interface and secure payment options, you can start your e-store today. 

So, without further ado, here are the top e-commerce platforms for you.

Best Ecommerce Platforms to Sell Digital Products/Downloads

1. Sellfy


Sellfy is an affordable, easy-to-use, and versatile platform to host your online store. Apart from digital products like ebooks, songs, or graphics, you can also sell physical items. 

Sellfy also supports print-on-demand business along with a subscription-based model. You can also integrate Patreon.

With multiple payment options and shopping cart support, Sellfy allows you to have a complete e-commerce store like Amazon.

Pricing: Free Plan, Starting price $19/month

2. BigCommerce


You could say, BigCommerce is a big player in this field. It’s a complete suite for an online store where you get to customize anything.

BigCommerce removes any need of integrating third-party apps or additional tools. It comes with built-in features to serve all your needs.

It offers a customizable website builder, built-in SSL, multi-channel selling, multi-payment modes, cart recovery features, marketing tools, and more.

Pricing: Starting price $29.95/month

3. Podia


Podia is perfect for e-Learnings, Webinars, Courses, and any subscription-based models. 

It allows you to host unlimited videos, share downloadables, and even host offers on plans. 

The tool comes with marketing features, custom website designing, a live chatting widget, and an option of affiliate program for your fans.

It’s suitable for online creators and teachers as you can build a community on your website through Podia.

Pricing: Starting plan $33/month

4. SendOwl


SendOwl makes selling digital goods a lot easier for anyone.

From ebooks, audiobooks, to event tickets, memberships, you can sell anything. You can also integrate SendOwl with Shopify store.

SendOwl comes with features like abandon cart recovery, one-click upselling, affiliate programs, marketing emails, and more.

On top of that, you get to analyze your data/order history to plan the next strategy. 

Pricing: Starting plan $15/month

5. Squarespace


Squarespace is not just for e-commerce stores, it’s perfect for blogging and portfolios as well.

Not only can you sell physical goods, but also sell services, digital products, appointments, event tickets, memberships, and more.

The tool offers customizable templates with multi-payment support to start a store within a day.

Squarespace has a mobile app for you to manage your store from anywhere.

Pricing: Starting plan $14/month

6. Payhip


Payhip is suitable for selling three types of digital goods- Digital Downloads, Courses, Membership.

Under digital downloads, you can sell ebooks, music, software/apps, templates, and more.

You can upload all types of files and sell them via multiple payment modes. The checkout process is easy that enables instant downloads for your customers.

Payhip also has features for collecting mailing lists, starting affiliates, hosting discounts, and embedding shopping carts. 

Pricing: Free Forever, Starting plan $29/month (plus transaction fee)

7. Shopify


Shopify has been a preferred choice for many online businesses. Mostly because it comes with features that can turn any retail store into an online one.

Be it jewelry, shoes, software, books, food, electronics, or digital products, you can start selling anything. 

Shopify helps you sell anywhere, manage the store with analytics, and market your store to boost the reach. 

Pricing: Starting price $29/month

8. Gumroad


Gumroad is as simple as opening an account, adding products, starting sales, and getting paid. 

You can either start a store on Gumroad or embed it on your own website. It offers a customizable online store where you can sell downloadables, memberships, courses.

With simple cart management and a smooth checkout process, you can start selling goods right now.

Pricing: Instead of paid plans, Gumroad takes a small percentage of profit.

9. Thinkific


Thinkific is exclusively for online courses. Tutors can take their lessons easily online via readymade templates.

Live lessons, static video courses, assignments, exams, quizzes, course progress, everything is easily manageable via Thinkific.

You can create communities via membership programs and sell course bundles via multiple payment modes.

With customizable themes, third-party integrations, professional domain, the tool makes e-learning easiest for both tutors and students.

Pricing: Free, Starting plan $39/month

10. PayLoadz


Payloads lets you instantly sell downloadables of all types. 

The best part is, you can sell anywhere via Payloads. Your own website, Facebook, Twitter, Payloads store, or simply via URL. 

Useful to sell ebooks, printables, templates, graphics, stickers, etc.

You can bulk upload files, set pricing, get paid, and automatically send out downloadables without any worry. 

Multi-currency and payment support make it easy to sell globally.

Pricing: Free, Starting plan $29/month (plus transaction fee)

11. Teachable


Teachable lets you create and sell lessons of all types. You get to uploads courses, plan coaching sessions, easily communicate with students, and grow your digital business.

The tool allows you to accommodate unlimited students on all paid plans with features like unlimited bandwidth for course videos, and unlimited courses. 

You can talk to students live, schedule classes, get feedback, and create learnings the way you want.

Pricing: Free, Starting plan $29/month

12. Selz

selz-ecommerce-platform- for-selling-digital-products

Selz is an all-in-one tool to sell digital products, physical products, and services online. It comes with an easy store builder and a customizable product catalog.

With its marketing tool, Selz helps you optimize social media campaigns to boost revenue. 

For physical products, Selz offers inventory management, shipping, taxes, and invoices. 

The digital store can be as versatile as you want, to sell multiple digital products. 

Pricing: Starting plan $26/month

Final Words

Gone are the days when creating and launching an e-commerce store was tough. Now anyone can grow their business online through a pool of different platforms.

If you want to take your creative business online, don’t wait anymore. Choose any of the above platforms to reach a global audience.

Your first order could take place today itself.

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