Best Electronic Signature Software Solutions [2022]


In this tech era when you can automate and digitize everything, why not signature. Right?

Some of the perks of running a business are signing contracts and securing legal documents.

Gone are the days of printing contracts to sign them. Now with E-Signature tools, you can sign important documents digitally. 

Not only does it save time but is more secure than manually signing papers.

So, without further ado, let’s find out some of the top tools for electronic signatures.

Top 9 Electronic Signature Software for Professionals

1. DocuSign


Trusted by millions of people across the globe, DocuSign automates the signature process. Be it a sales contract with clients, invoices, legal documents, or anything, you can e-sign it with DocuSign.

You can connect it with Dropbox, Google Drive, and 350+ work apps to ease the process.

One of the best features is DocuSign Agreement Cloud. It helps you track the entire cycle of the agreement. 

Premium features of the tool also include ID verification of the signer through passport, driving license. It also gives you signing insights and top-notch security to protect user data.

DocuSign plans start from $10/month up to $40/month depending on your business size.

2. EverSign


EverSign is an e-signature and a complete document management application. You can store and secure legal documents and quickly send them for e-signing.

The tool also has a chrome extension so you can sign documents from Gmail. Google Drive, or Google docs.

You can store and edit documents as and when needed. Apart from that, the tool helps you organize documents for more than one business.

You can easily manage the contact records of signers. It will help you keep track of all the people involved in the contract without any CRM tool.

The free plan would be suitable for individual freelancers. Or you can get the paid plans starting from $9.99/month. 

3. HelloSign


If you are a freelancer or solopreneur, HelloSign is perfectly suitable for you. The Essential plan is more than enough for freelancers. 

Powered by Dropbox, HelloSign offers readymade templates, custom signer fields, signature validation features, cloud integration, and unlimited signature requests.

The tool also offers two-factor authentication and tamper-proof documentation for security. 

For individuals, the $15 plan can serve the need. Large organizations can go with premium plans from $24.99/month or higher for advanced features. 

4. AdobeSign


Adobe is not just for signing, it’s a complete suite of pdf editing. You can do a lot with Adobe for business documentation.

The tool is well-suited for small to moderate-size companies. It offers features like collecting and tracking signatures, recording audit trials, password and law-protected agreements, and more.

You can add your business stamps on contracts. In addition, Adobe helps you convert any document into a form. PDF editing and managing are quite easy with this app.

The tool also lets you launch the form on the webpage to collect e-signatures and payments with Braintree or Paypal. 

The Windows Adobe Acrobat plan is for $12.99/month. Or you can go with a Pro plan for Windows+Mac with advanced features.

5. PandaDoc


Used by more than 35000 companies, PandaDoc is an all-in-one solution to create, edit, and sign contracts.

Be it a single-sign document or multipage contract, PandaDoc can work flawlessly. The free plan of this tool is more than enough for basic signature needs. It offers unlimited signatures, unlimited document uploads, and payment integration.

Paid plans are more suitable to unlock advanced features like document analysis, CRM and Zapier integration, personalized branding, and forms.

You can automate the workflow based on personnel’s signature and it’s easy to use for your clients as well.

PandaDoc has an Essential Plan worth $19/month. To experience more features you can get high-end plans.

6. SignEasy


Millions of users are trusting SignEasy to create and manage documents. It’s faster and smooth on all devices, so you can sign anything on the go.

The tool supports all popular document formats with legally bound audit trials. You can sign unlimited documents and agreements.

Higher plans support features like in-person signature via mobile device, sharable signing links, custom template creation, two-factor authentication.

You can even connect it with Salesforce, Office 365, Zapier, Microsoft team, and more.

SignEasy paid plans to start from $8/month to $25/user/month based on your business requirements. The tool also offers a personalized enterprise-level plan for larger organizations to smoothly handle agreements.

7. SignNow


SignNow eases the process of e-signing documents and processing quick payments. It’s perfect for paid contracts between you and your clients.

Companies that often deal with paid contracts can comfortably rely on SignNow. The tool has a payment integration of its own called AirSlate to collect payments. You can also connect it to other payment processors.

As it follows PCI payment standards, card payments are always secured.

You can easily create a form, send it via a link, add custom fields, and much more for just $8/month. Advanced features like custom branding and conditional fields are available in higher plans.

8. Signaturely


With an intuitive dashboard, Signaturely helps you create contracts, invoices, agreements, presentations for e-signing.

You can create reusable templates and send them to get signed by one or more signers. With a free plan, you can get 3 signatures per month with audit logs.

You can also integrate Google Drive or Dropbox for document management. For features like unlimited signatures, unlimited templates, team management, and custom branding, paid plans are more suitable. 

To get Signaturely on board, the plan starts from $16/month. 

9. SignWell (Formerly Known as Docsketch)


More than sixty thousand businesses are using SignWell to legally e-Sign documents. SignWell follows the US and International laws to validate signatures.

You can get one or more people to sign the contract quite easily. The tool even helps you define the sequence of signatures so that people can get notified when it’s their turn to sign.

Once signed, nobody can change/modify the document. 

You can convert your most reused documents into templates to save time. 

The tool has a free plan for occasional contracts. Opt for $8 or higher plans for advanced features. 

Final Words

Preparing a contract? Ditch the pen-paper and opt for any of the above tools to digitize your process.

If you are still confused about which app to choose, let us help you. Freelancers and individuals can opt for free tools to get started with. Once you get comfortable, go ahead with any of the paid tools that suits your business.

Switch to e-signatures today!

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