Best Invoice Management Systems & Services [2022]


How many times did you create a manual invoice and didn’t get paid on time? 

Payment follow-ups are not only tiring but also tedious to sync with overall finance. To get rid of such problems, automated and intelligent invoicing software could be your companion.

Professionally generated invoices not only simplify payments but also build trust among clients. Everyone wants an easier way to process payments.

And to help you manage all the bills, below are the best invoicing software to choose from.

Best Invoice Management Systems: Automate Billings & Subscriptions

1. FreshBooks


Ability to integrate with more than 100 apps, FreshBooks offers flexible and scalable invoicing features.

The app helps you track inventory, quickly process payments, and generate recurring invoices. 

You can automate the whole invoicing process via readymade templates, reliable payment integrations, and more.

On top of invoicing, the app offers project time and expense tracking, reporting.

It’s a convenient tool for any business size.

Pricing: Starting Plan $6/month

2. Zoho Invoice


Zoho offers a lot of business management tools. One of them is Zoho Invoice for billing. 

It’s a standalone tool to help any business achieve faster and more comfortable invoicing. You can automate the payment process, create recurring invoices, enable multi-currency support, and customize the invoices.

The app also offers workflow tracking where you can trigger alerts for any payment cycle, late fee, or discounts. 

Pricing: Now available for FREE

3. BQE Core


BQE Core is an all-in-one finance and invoicing software to manage payments. In addition to invoicing management, BQE offers project management, time tracking, and an automated billing system.

Powered by Artificial intelligence, the tool auto-fills your timecards and generates bills accordingly. 

You can enable recurring payments, hourly bills, flat fees, and percentage-wise contract invoices using BQE finance management. 

It’s easier for clients to make online payments via e-wallets or cards.

Pricing: Custom plans

4. Xero


Xero is a simple and straightforward invoicing app for small to large businesses.

You can easily generate customized online invoices and get paid faster.

The app lets you set payment reminders and automated recurring invoices. Not only you can convert a quote into an invoice, but can also send multiple invoices on the go from the app.

Xero also lets you import invoices from elsewhere.

Pricing: Starting plan $12/month

5. Intuit QuickBooks


Perfect for freelancers or any business size, QuickBooks makes invoicing easy. 

It helps you create intuitive invoices for faster billing. The app helps you clear payments online, or in-person, contactless payments to allow multiple payment options.

You can send the invoices right away or schedule them in advance with the auto-send option.  

QuickBooks also offers automatic bookkeeping, real-time bill tracking, and faster deposits.

Pricing: Starting plan $7.5/month

6. Scoro


Scoro invoice management helps you create invoices from quotes, orders, time worked, or services subscribed. You can send custom and thorough invoices in PDF formats to your clients.

The app keeps track of all bills and creates automated recurring invoices. It even sends payment/late fee reminders to your clients. 

To better understand your finances, Scoro offers detailed reporting and budgeting via an intuitive dashboard. 

Pricing: Starting plan $26/user/month

7. Square


Square is a perfect real-time invoicing software for small businesses. 

It offers payment processing, one-click payment options for customers, and free invoicing capabilities. All centralized in one place.

With Square, you can auto-generate invoices, send custom bills, enable recurring invoicing, track the real-time status of the invoice, and more.

Since the user interface is easier for customers as well, the one-click payment clears the dues faster than ever.

Pricing: Free, Plus plan $20/Month

8. Invoice2go


Invoice2go offers all-in-one payment tools to power your business. Anyone running a solo or larger business can use Invoice2go for quick invoicing, faster payments, and improved cash flow.

The app helps you create eye-catchy custom invoices. You can send them right after you finish the job.

Invoice2go allows you to send invoices via Whatsapp, Email, Facebook Messenger, and more such mediums.

Pricing: Starting plan $59.99/year


bill-dot-com-intelligent-bill-payment-platform-for-businesses is a smart and flexible way to manage your invoices and get paid. The tool offers end-to-end automation to approve the bill, process the payment, and sync your project finance.

Bill approvals are faster and safer with You can track the workflows and generate payables.

The app lets you enable multiple payment options and you can also integrate third-party accounting software. 

Pricing: Starting plan $49/month. Depends on your business type.

10. Chargebee


Chargebee is an excellent tool for subscription management, invoicing and billing, accounting and taxes, and recurring payments.

The tool not only manages your payment cycle but also generates an insightful report. With Chargebee, you can raise bills in advance to get pre-approvals and automate the invoices as you complete the work.

You can also create consolidated invoices to fit specific client requests under a single invoice. 

Pricing: Free, Starting plan $249/month

11. Harvest


Harvest is essentially a time tracking software for professionals who work on an hourly basis. The app lets you easily convert your work hours into an invoice. 

The app uses your expenses and project time tracking to automatically generate the bill. You can integrate Stripe or Paypal to get paid.

Harvest offers third-party integrations with CRM and Finance tools to manage the entire workflow.

Pricing: Free, Starting plan $12/user/month

12. Paypal


PayPal has been a go-to app for international payments and invoicing for many small businesses. From freelancers to moderate-size businesses, anyone can rely on it.

The app has a simple interface to generate customized invoices, send them via email or using a link, manage recurring invoices, and more.

You can follow up with your clients via payment reminders for unpaid or partially paid bills. 

Pricing: Depends on currency and transactions

Final Words

Found the perfect invoicing tool? 

All of the above apps offer secure payments and invoicing. Now is the time to introduce automation into finances and save your time.

Your next Invoice can be generated in a few minutes. Witness the revenue boost with proper payment management systems. 

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