Best Online Collaboration Software & Tools [2022]


What do you use to collaborate and communicate with your work team? If you are still using emails, you must definitely try collaboration apps.

Considering how much time it saves, these apps are a blessing for the corporate world. 

Be it project management, team group chats, conference calls, and even fun coffee chats to catch up with your team. You can do it all.

On top of everything, these apps keep your work-related things organized. So you don’t have to panic-search anything in case of urgency.

So without further ado, let’s make your business collaboration easier and more productive. 

11 Best Online Collaboration Apps for Professionals

1. Asana


Asana is a simple, modern, and flexible corporate collaboration tool. It’s featureful with project management, communications, team management, and more.

The app is useful to create, assign, and track all the projects your team is working on. It offers features like task comments, project progress, and dedicated team pages.

You can integrate communication apps and other necessary apps into Asana. 

Asana helps you track milestones via an intuitive dashboard. 

Pricing: Free, Starting Plan $10.99/user/month

2. Clickup


ClickUp collaboration features are seamless and faster. You can keep your team connected in a single place, chat about projects, and even send emails to someone outside ClickUp.

Basically, you don’t have to leave the app. It gives your freedom to create project files, organize folders in the hierarchy, and share them among teams.

The tool is perfect to set goals, get real-time progress reports, track time, introduce automation, and more.

Pricing: Free, Starting plan $5/user/month

3. Trello


Trello boards and cards are evidently a fun way to collaborate. 

The app lets you create boards, add members to cards, comment on cards, and share files. The dashboard gives the simplest glance to all your project boards and cards.

You can create a workflow, engage in group discussions, one-on-one chats, and share notes.

Trello offers Power-Up add-ons for advanced collaboration and automation. 

Pricing: Free, Starting plan $5/user/month

4. Slack


Slack is a complete suite of team management, project tracking, and easy collaborations. The app lets you create hashtag channels to organize tasks and related communication.

You can use slack for messaging, voice & video calling, automate workflow, and improve productivity.

Slack even enables the option of connecting with clients and other organizations to collaborate on projects.

It’s suitable for all kinds of businesses.

Pricing: Free, Starting plan $2.67/user/month

5. Teamwork


Teamwork is specially designed to help organizations and clients work together. The app helps you track each project, stay on top of deadlines, gather your team in one place and collaborate.

It’s a complete CRM tool with real-time chatting features. You can easily communicate with colleagues to receive quick responses. 

Teamwork offers massive integrations support to help you connect any work-related software. 

Pricing: Free, Starting plan $10/user/month

6. Zoho Projects


Along with time and team management, Zoho offers intuitive collaboration features for teams.

You can create a project feed for discussions, mention each other in a conversation, create group chat rooms, and get faster responses on messaging.

Zoho also lets you create different forums to communicate and save ideas. You can easily share necessary documents and integrate third-party tools to simplify the workflow.

Pricing: Free, Starting plan $5/user/month

7. Airtable


Airtable offers both base-level and workspace-level collaboration features. You can add members to the entire workspace or to certain databases inside it.

The app lets you communicate via a chat window for each task. You can mention members, track their records, and discuss the task by expanding the record.

Airtable generates a drop-down list of collaborators. You can use it to assign a member to projects/tasks. 

Pricing: Free, Starting plan $10/user/month

8. Basecamp


Basecamp removes all the hassle of keeping up with lengthy messages. You can create different project pages and comment on them for dedicated discussions.

The app allows you to create message boards for specific conversation topics to avoid unnecessary comments. 

The real-time chat groups are suitable for quick messages like sharing files, small tasks to get approval, or asking questions.

You can also create check-in question boards for follow-ups. 

Pricing: $99/month flat fee

9. ProofHub


ProofHub gathers all personnel and clients under one roof to have professional discussions. The app allows you to create different chat forums for different topics.

You can select people to add them into conversations. The conversation thread related to the project makes it easier to comment, share ideas, upload files, and get feedback.

The app allows you to mark conversation topics as private to enhance security. 

Pricing: Starting plan $45/month


monday-com-work-management-team-collaboration-software makes teamwork more productive than actual Mondays. You get to select what type of team you are leading and the app will recommend the perfect template for you.

You can chat/comment on the task boards and get instant notifications. The app helps you achieve productive conversation by allowing messaging on project space.

The dashboard helps you keep track of time, integrate apps, and customize the database as needed.

Pricing: Free, Starting plan $8/user/month

11. Milanote


Milanote comes with an eye-pleasing and creatively organized dashboard. You can add your team to the project board, assign roles, and brainstorm ideas on a clean canvas.

The app lets you create cards, describe the task, and communicate under the card for further progress.

Milanote offers an easy-to-use dashboard to create notes, to-do lists, and upload files to keep everything organized. 

It’s a perfect app for creative professionals. 

Pricing: Free, Starting plan $9.99/user/month

Final Words

Have you found the right app for your team? Almost all of the above apps come with excellent project management features along with collaborative features.

These apps can help you analyze progress, workload, different teams, and everything in between.

If your team is small, the free or starting plans would work for you. Or you can always get the custom enterprise plan to occupy everyone.

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