Best Project Management Tools and Software [2022]


Looking to automate your projects and manage your team? 

To keep complete track of your projects, you absolutely need a tech solution. The right tool can help you plan all projects, manage clients, and a whole team. You can design a workflow to save time. 

So, to help you choose the perfect project management tool, we have shortlisted the best apps for you.

Sit back, relax, and let’s organize your next project with ease.

Top Project Management Software 2022

1. ClickUp


ClickUp is one of the highest-rated productivity and management tools. You can plan a project with timestamps, create a custom team, and assign tasks for individuals.

The real-time dashboard shows what your team is currently working on. The tool offers multiple views, but one of the best features is Everything View.

ClickUp helps you create folders for teams, assign sprint points, automate the flow, and organize nested tasks.

The tool offers third-party integrations with Slack, GitHub, Drive, Outlook, and more.

Apart from the Free plan, Clickup paid plans start from $5/month to $19/month. 

2. Asana


Asana is a flexible, dynamic, and intuitive project management tool. It’s suitable for individuals and organizations to automate the workflow.

The dashboard is simple to understand for you and your team. The timeline feature gives you a glance at current projects, members, due dates, and progress in real-time.

You can connect Asana with slack, Google Calendar, Dropbox, and more. Together, these tools will manage everything smoothly.

The free or $10.99 plan might work for individual freelancers. Organizations can opt for business or enterprise plans.

3. Trello


Do you love sticky notes? Then you’ll love Trello.

The tool is simple yet modern to fulfill everyone’s requirements.

Trello helps you create a board of personalized cards, move them around, assign members to cards, and keep track of the project.

Trello also has power-ups to integrate calendar view, google drive, faster file sharing, and app integrations. One of the best power-ups is Butler which helps you automate each task. 

Individual professionals can go with a free or $5/month plan. Larger companies can get the premium or enterprise-level plan to unlock advanced features.

4. Jira


Jira is a popular agile-based software development tool. Many large organizations rely on Jira to plan sprints, task workflow, release dates, and project cycles.

You can create customized scrum boards, add roadmaps, analyze reports and keep your team in complete synchronization.

The tool allows you to integrate more than 3000 third-party apps and developer tools. You can even mold Jira APIs to define automation.

If your team has fewer than 10 people, the free version of Jira would be suitable for you. Large companies can go with a $7.50/user or an enterprise-level plan to occupy the entire team.

5. Wrike


Wrike is a web-based agile project management tool. It’s a versatile team collaboration app designed to organize complex tasks.

The tool is suitable for larger teams and organizations. One of the key features of Wrike is the Three-pane view.

The left pane has all the project hierarchy and tasks. The middle pane shows your current task list and in-progress projects. And the right pane shows all the information about the task.

With Wrike Forms and Requests, you don’t need Gmail or outlook to communicate with the team. The app also offers insightful analysis of project progress and each teammate’s work.

Wrike has a free plan with sufficient features for an individual. But to manage teams, go with a $9.80/user/month or $24.80/user/month plan.

6. Teamwork


As the name suggests, Teamwork is a collaborative work management app.

One of the best features of Teamwork is, its dashboard gives you an option to view only the recent projects. It helps you get a good glance at priority tasks.

The tool also offers invoice creation and tracking features to send out bills to your clients. You can also integrate add-ons for CRM, team chat, Spaces, and more.

If you are a solopreneur, go ahead with the free plan. Otherwise, the paid plans start from $10/user/month.



Even if you hate Mondays, you’ll fall in love with 

The tool helps you manage all projects and related documents centrally. The dashboard gives all the freedom to customize the workflow. 

One of the key features of is the ability to add third-party personnel to your dashboard. Apart from your team, you can add more members/clients with assigned access rights.

You can integrate with slack, Microsoft teams, Drive, Gmail, and even Linkedin and Twitter. The tool offers easy-to-define automation options to further simplify project management.

The Free Forever plan or the Basic $8/month plan is perfect for individuals. Organizations can go with Standard, Pro, or an Enterprise level plan for custom features.

8. ProofHub


ProofHub is a well-known tool for project management, resource tracking, team collaborations, and more.

The tool helps you set up milestones, track progress, stay within the due date, create to-do lists, timesheets and allocate tasks to the team.

You can assign roles, give each other feedback, analyze reports, and manage all the documents at a central dashboard.

Proofhub also lets you integrate third-party apps and makes file-sharing faster for your team. 

It’s a multilingual, cloud-based tool available from $45/month to $89/month.

9. Zoho Projects


Zoho is one of the simplest and most efficient project management tools. It’s perfect for team collaborations, time management, file management, task automation, and customizations.

The tool helps you set up a decent workflow with your team without any hassle. Zoho charts and reports show a thorough analysis of your project. You can plan timeline, Sprints, budget, and future tasks depending on the project reports.

Zoho allows you to integrate third-party apps. And you can also import Microsoft, Jira, or Basecamp projects into Zoho without creating them from scratch.

Apart from the free plan, Zoho projects offer $5/user/month to $10/user/month paid plans to suit your needs.

Final Words

It’s always a great idea to automate and manage your projects with the help of apps. You don’t have to worry about remembering everything. The tool takes care of the entire work process with smart communications.

So if you are looking to manage your project efficiently, go with your favorite task management tool from the above list.

If you are lucky, you might also get discounted offers on these apps. Hurry, plan your projects today!

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