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Best Revenue Management Softwares [2022]


Wouldn’t you want to know which product/service is bringing more profit? Or which contracts are worth putting more effort into, to boost the revenue?

While this can be calculated by analyzing the cash flow. But when you have hundreds of entities and thousands of clients, it’s always better to be thorough.

Managing revenue is one of the most integral parts of any business. To automate the revenue management and use the insightful data to your favor, we’ve brought a list of tools.

These apps/software can make revenue management easy and faster.

So, let’s find out which tool would be the best for you. 

Best Revenue Management Software 

1. Chargebee


Chargebee is subscription billing and revenue management software designed for SaaS businesses.

One of the key points of SaaS is designing a perfect pricing model. Chargebee helps you design a suitable pricing model along with a faster billing experience. 

Startups can scale their businesses by automating recurring bills to boost revenue. Chargebee’s revenue intelligence system provides thorough reporting, best revenue streams recognition, churn reporting and minimization, inventory management, and more.

With real-time insights, you can easily maintain the order-to-revenue cycle and witness business growth.

Pricing: Starting from $249/month

2. Chargify


Handling subscriptions is not only about recurring payments and acquiring customers. You have to focus on the dunning problem as well.

Dunning problem is nothing but handling at-risk customer accounts with ease. With Chargify, you can smoothly deal with subscription payments, recurring bills, cancellation process and duration, failed payments, etc.

The tool enhances your ROI by allowing you to create discount offers to the right customers. It improves the conversion rate. 

Features like revenue retention, finance reports, and multi-payment options make it easier for any business to manage the revenue cycle. 

Pricing: Starting at $599/month

3. Recurly 


Recurly streamlines and smoothens your subscription and revenue management to enable a perfect payment cycle.

It helps you create subscription plans, billing models, centralized finance flow, and recurring bills.

The tool comes with Intelligent Retention features that can help you recover almost 73% of at-risk transactions. That can help retain more customers.

Recurly also comes with integrations that can manage tax, eliminate fraud, and simplify the process of order-to-cash.

You can use the analytics reports to plan your finances better than ever.

Pricing: The core plan is at $199/month.

4. Rebilly


Rebilly is a complete revenue management software that comes with billing automation, KYC, 100+ payment gateway integrations, and risk management.

The tool gives you the option to choose from 50+ payment methods, 100+ currencies to grow globally, and comes with PCI compliant,

The vaulting technology offered by Rebilly keeps your payments secured and organized. It has real-time and fast payment rerouting methods to avoid payment failures or at-risk transactions.

You get to manage everything from a single user-friendly dashboard where all the insights are easy to understand.

Pricing: The base plan ranges from $15 to $125/month

5. ChargeOver


To help you retain maximum revenue without any hassle, ChargeOver offers automation at every step of the billing cycle.

It helps you set up variable payment models including recurring bills, one-time fees, and more.

Once you enable automation, you don’t have to worry about invoices, at-risk payments, or cancellation processes as the tool will take care of everything. 

With its simple follow-up method, ChargeOver can reduce dunning or payment retries.

You can integrate Avalara or Zip2Tax to automate the tax calculations.

Pricing: Starter pack from $115/month

6. Zoho Subscriptions


Zoho Subscriptions is a recurring payment and revenue management tool for startups and large businesses.

The tool can define your business’s health by calculating data on 40+ parameters. The dashboard of Zoho tells you everything you need to know about the finances and revenue streams.

You can find out churn rate, at-risk transaction, non-renewable profiles, and cancellation transactions in one place to reduce the overall churn.

The tool helps you file your GST by offering tax details and the exact amount.

Pricing: Free, Starting plan $49/month

7. Fusebill


Fusebill is an automation-enriched recurring revenue management software.

It can handle basic to complex payment models, bills, renewal, and offers. The dunning management features can help you reduce churn and handle at-risk transactions with ease.

You could say it’s a complete accounting tool since it helps you pinpoint assets, liabilities, expenses, and net revenue.

The intuitive reports are designed to recognize the best revenue streams for your business. 

With Fusebill, keeping an eye on revenue movement becomes easy and faster.

Pricing: Starter pack $199/month

8. Sage Intacct


Sage Intacct is a perfect accounting and financial management software for growing startups and larger organizations.

It can fit any type and size of business into its revenue management system. The tool offers multi-dimensional, real-time reporting on your finances and revenue.

Sage Intacct is an AI-powered tool, so you can automate almost anything and everything to focus on other priority tasks.

The tool caters to industry-specific needs to provide a personalized revenue management system for you.

Perfect for subscriptions, budgeting, payroll management.

Pricing: Customized pricing based on your business type and requirements. 

9. Zuora


Zuora is a modern revenue recognition software that can identify risk, reduce human error, and scale up your finances.

It manages business revenue on autopilot, saving your time. The accounting team can make use of Zuora reports to better manage taxes and net revenue.

Billing, invoicing, bookkeeping become easy with Zuora. And you can watch real-time data of revenue movement in your business.

One of the best features is, Zuora has created two different revenue management models. One for growing startups and the advanced for larger organizations.

You can choose and upgrade as per your financial goals.

Pricing: Custom plan as per your business needs. 

Final Words

Gone are the days when you had to keep a massive excel sheet of finances. Now you can just feed the data to the software and get a thorough understanding of business revenue.

We’ve covered tools suitable for all types of business and you’ll find the best fit for you. Don’t wait anymore. You could be gathering finance data right now to plan your next business move.

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