Best SaaS Billing and Recurring Payment Management Software


Wondering how to automate recurring payments and subscriptions for your business? Then this is where you find the answer. 

If your business offers subscription-based services, then the right billing software can ease the payment process for you.

These tools handle everything from invoices, auto payments, recurring bills, and discounts.

No more manual invoices as you can automate the payments and settle the dues. 

So, for OTT platforms, Gyms, eLearning, and any subscription-based business, here’s a list of software for you.

Best SaaS Billing and Recurring Payment Management Software

1. Chargebee


Chargebee is an incredible billing software. It’s easy to use and supports multiple currencies to allow international subscriptions.

You can set up a wide range of billing methods like flat fees, recurring payments, custom plans, and more. 

The tool comes with features like Saas reporting, accounting, taxes, invoices, enterprise billing, and subscription management.

You get at least 23 payment gateway integrations to provide flexible payment options.

Pricing: Starting plan USD 249/month

2. Recurly


Recurly not only helps you with billing but also with maximizing revenue. The app comes with machine learning capabilities that can enhance business revenue. 

It optimizes and automates payments. You get the freedom to start any sort of payment model. The app allows you to create custom plans based on usage, quantity, flat fee, one-time charges, etc.

It supports 20 different payment gateways.

Pricing: Starting plan USD 199/month

3. Chargify


Chargify is a recurring bill and payment software specially designed for B2B companies. 

It helps you create a month-to-month subscription model via an easy interface. Apart from payment management, Chargify has features to enable customer support across the payment cycle.

The app also provides business analytics, revenue retention, revenue operations for your business.

You can try a free test account before giving a commitment. 

Pricing: Starting plan USD 599/month

4. Stripe Billing


Stripe Billing is a faster and more reliable way to start a global subscription-based business. You can comfortably manage and automate invoicing models for various services.

The app supports a flexible billing model where you can define custom pricing plans. You can also introduce free trials, coupons, add-ons.

Stripe automates the failed payment management and also optimizes financial health. The reports are thorough to understand revenue distribution. 

Pricing: Starts with 0.5% on recurring charges

5. Fusebill


Fusebill is a simple, fully flexible subscription billing software. You can simplify payment management and automate invoices.

No matter how complex the recurring payment model is, Fusebill can cover it. The app allows you to integrate payment gateways to enable multiple payment options. 

The insights and analytics dashboard shows revenue growth over the period of time. It’s perfect for small to moderate businesses. 

Pricing: Starting plan USD 199/month

6. Paddle


Paddle is a perfect fit for B2B and B2C saas businesses. It boosts the revenue and minimizes churn.

Paddle gives dedicated solutions for Startups, New Launches, Product leaders, founders, and more. 

Apart from payment management, the tool helps you build a solid revenue delivery platform. It handles sales tax compliance and improves global reach for your business.

Pricing: Depends on the solution you opt for. 

7. Sage Intacct


Sage Intacct is a complete accounting and financial management software for growing and established companies.

It offers different financing solutions, one of which is subscription billing. SaaS businesses can design contract-based or recurring billing cycles with ease.

You can integrate automated revenue recognition and cloud-based accounting solutions. 

For project-based companies, the tool offers project costing and billing features. 

Pricing: Depends on your business size, type, and requirements. 

8. Zuora


Zuora is the best choice for larger businesses and high-revenue companies. It’s built to cater to complex businesses that need lots of custom payment features.

Rather than offering built-in plans, Zuora allows clients to choose necessary features and convert them into a custom paid plan.

It’s a cloud-based software that can optimize the billing system in 180 currencies. 

Pricing: Custom package depending on features.

9. Billsby


Billsby is a simple, powerful, and customizable app to power up subscription-based businesses.

The tool helps you create unlimited products, plans, and billing cycles. The dashboard is easy enough to design plans.

With advanced features, you can offer a flexible interface for customers. Billsby allows you to collect card details in advance, send automated reminders, and integrate payment gateways for multiple payment options. 

Pricing: The core plan is for $35/month plus 0.4% on revenue exceeding USD15000/month

10. BrainTree

BrainTree is a payment management system provided by Paypal. It lets you accept payment from popular digital wallets and cards.

The app creates an intuitive and modernized way to improve the payment experience for both customers and businesses.

You can also manage internal costs and back-end processes via BrainTree. The software can detect and reduce fraudulent transactions by providing secure payment solutions.

Pricing: 2.59% + $0.49 per transaction via cards or digital wallets.

11. FastSpring

FastSpring is a complete finance solution for eCommerce businesses that use subscription models.

It offers a smooth and reliable checkout experience for customers. You can accept payments from all over the globe to boost revenue.

The app follows global taxes and financial services along with risk management. You can connect FastSpring with third-party apps and business tools including Facebook, WordPress, Google, Bing, and more.

Pricing: Custom price based on business requirements.

12. Rebilly


Rebilly is a cloud-based software for recurring payments and billings. The best part about the tool is, you can manage more than one business on a single platform.

It’s best suited for companies with multiple subscription-based streams. It supports more than a hundred gateways, tokenization & vaulting, PCI compliant, and multiple currencies.

Rebilly powers up your subscription-based business with risk management, thorough insights, and easy automation.

Pricing: Base plans start from $15 to $125 per month.

What Next?

Now that you know what billing management software can do, it’s time to integrate it into the business.

Depending on your business model, get a suitable plan for you. Many of the above tools offer free demo and custom plans to suit your requirements.

Automate the billing and witness the growth in revenue.

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