Best Subscription Management & Recurring Billing Softwares [2022]


Managing Subscriptions, recurring payments, and keeping track of all user data could be complicated.

You sure can’t do it manually, that would be time-consuming even for a small number of users. So, to automate subscriptions and recurring payments, you can integrate readymade tools.

These softwares would let you handle everything from a single dashboard. And of course, you can promote your business more efficiently.

If you have a subscription-based business, here are the best billing software solutions for you.

Best Subscription Management & Recurring Billing Software

1. Chargebee


Chargebee is one of the best recurring billing software. It can handle a wide range of services and subscription modules.

You can launch flat fees, usage-based fees, custom subscription plans using Chargebee.

With the support of more than 100 currencies and payment methods, you can start an international subscription business.

The tool is perfect for e-learning sites, tech subscriptions, entertainment platforms, and more. 

Pricing: Starting plan $249/month

2. Zoho Subscriptions


If you are a freelancer, solopreneur, or starting a new business, Zoho Subscriptions is your buddy.

It comes with simple and wallet-friendly billing solutions to fit your requirements. The app offers automated billing, invoicing, recurring payment models, custom billing cycles, and much more.

With multi-currency support and a wide range of payment gateways, you can expand your business whenever you want. 

Pricing: Free for a single user, Starting Plan $49/month

3. Recurly


Recurly, the modern recurring billing software, comes with machine learning features. It focuses on enhancing revenue by reducing churn. 

The app helps you optimize the revenue cycle to witness the best results. Suitable for moderate to large businesses, this app allows customized, flexible subscription models for your business.

With 20+ payment gateways, Recurly makes global payments easier and faster.

Pricing: Starting Plan $199/month

4. Fusebill


Fusebill offers fully-flexible billing solutions for your business including automation of recurring revenue.

It helps you optimize your market potential by providing subscription options. You can design from simple to even complex billing cycles, and Fusebill will take care of it.

The payment integrations for Fusebill come with risk management, instant setup and activation, and low processing rates.

With advanced integrations and insights, this tool can cater to a perfect billing cycle.

Pricing: Starting Plan $199/month

4. Chargify


With a user-friendly interface and negligible learning curve, Chargify is perfect for B2B companies.

The app can power up small to large business sizes with smooth functionalities. Chargify gives you all the flexibility to create out-of-box subscription models. You can design services however you want and manage accounting right from the dashboard.

The app provides a thorough analysis to help you achieve business finance stability. 

Pricing: Starting Plan $599/month

5. Zuora


If you have a considerably growing subscription business, Zuora could be the best fit for you. 

The tool is specially designed for larger or fast-growing organizations. The best part about Zuora, you are not stuck with prebuilt plans.

The app lets you select features and designs a custom plan for you. It offers more than 180 currencies and 50+ payment models to boost revenue. 

Pricing: Personalized paid plan depending on features.

6. Stripe Billing


Stripe is a popular payment solutions tool backing up all sorts of businesses.

It has a simple interface to create and launch subscriptions, automate recurring bills, integrate multi-payment options, and accept global payments.

Stripe helps you enhance the financial health of your business by minimizing churn and maximizing revenue. 

You can manage end-to-end billing, invoicing, without any coding knowledge. 

Perfect for small to larger businesses. 

Pricing: Starter pack 0.5% on recurring charges. 

7. Paddle


Paddle is a SaaS revenue delivery platform ready to manage your finances. 

The software is suitable for both B2B and B2C organizations. It offers an all-in-one solution for payments, billing, invoices, sales tax, and more.

Paddle makes the checkout process comfortable for both businesses and users. The app also offers optimization to the subscription models where you can control revenue retention. 

Suitable for startups.

Pricing: Variable charges based on billing solution. 

8. Recharge


Recharge is the quickest way to launch a subscription-based business and power up automated payments.

The tool is cheaper and easy to use. Apart from recurring billing, Recharge also offers native discount features where you can manage discounts, shipping, and tax solutions.

If you want to run an eCommerce business, the tool offers BigCommerce and Shopify integrations.

Pricing: Different pricing plans for products and services. Starting plan- 1% + 10¢ per transaction.

9. ChargeOver


Chargeover lets you create a simplified and efficient workflow for recurring bills and subscriptions. 

By enabling automated subscriptions, Chargeover takes care of billing, invoices, failed payments, etc.

You can connect the app with payment gateways, project tracking software, and advanced finance software to keep track of everything.

The app makes it easier to manage all types of customers via a business matrix. 

Pricing: Starting plan $115/month

10. SaaSOptics

saasoptics-subscription-management-platform-automates-financial-operations for-b2b-saas-businesses

SaaSOptics, as the name suggests, is a financial solution for B2B Saas businesses. The tool lifts up business revenue by offering automated subscription management, revenue expense recognition, and Saas matrix.

With a growing business, SaaSOptics can smoothly handle complex revenue models. The tool comfortably fits between your CRM and GL tool, so you can travel the journey from order to cash without any problems.

It fetches your CRM data and handles all billings for you. 

Pricing: Depends on the revenue range.

11. Billsby


Billsby can blend into any subscription-based business to handle recurring payments quite faster. 

As the tool is wallet-friendly, any type of business or freelancer can rely on Billsby. It helps you design custom plans, launch your subscription services, and earn continuous revenue.

You can also integrate third-party apps, payment gateways, and business tools to automate the workflow.

It’s suitable for Gyms, Healthcare, membership clubs, Entertainment platforms, etc. 

Pricing: Starting plan $35/month

Final Words

If you have been planning to launch a subscription business but didn’t know where to start, this is it.

Depending on your business structure, choose the right recurring billing tool for you. Create pointers and see which tool matches most of them. After that, you focus on your work and let the billing software manage your finances.

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