Best Time Tracking Software, Apps & Tools [2022]


It’s almost the evening, you are ready to shut down your laptop and resume your Netflix show. But then you suddenly remember, you forgot to meet the deadline of a task.

Things like these happen quite a lot when your projects and time are not properly managed. You must align both of them to achieve daily goals. 

That’s why having a time tracking tool is very crucial. You are free to forget about things because the app will keep you in a loop. 

To save more of your time, we have shortlisted the best time tracking apps for you. 

Ready? Let’s get started…

Best Time Tracking Apps To Always Meet Deadlines

1. ClickUp


ClickUp saves a lot of time by tracking hours per project. It’s a flexible and intuitive project management tool to fulfill deadlines.

You can track your productivity hours and add specific notes to them. The tool also helps define labels and filters to the timeline.

ClickUp tracks your work hours and reflects them in the client invoice. You can also sort tasks and reallocate spare time to other projects. 

Price: Free, Paid Plans starting from $5/member/month.

2. Clockify — Best Reporting Features


Clockify is well known for showing in-depth and eye-pleasing reports to analyze timestamps per project. 

You can set auto timers for each task and the app will send notifications if anyone forgets to start/stop the timer.

You can define a default project with auto timers that’s basically a stopwatch. Clockify helps you better understand and manage your team. 

The app also offers features like timesheet locking to prevent data tampering. 

Price: Free forever.

3. Toggl Track — Best for Holding Everyone Accountable


Toggl lets you allocate custom timers for each task under different projects. 

You can set a timer, finish the task, and stop the timer to create a thorough invoice for the clients.

For teams, Toggl is perfect to create projects, assigning specific responsibilities, setting up timelines, and defining a budget.

It’s an easy-to-use app to boost the productivity of your entire team.

Price: Free, Paid plans starting from $9/user/month

4. QuickBooks Time — Best for GPS Time Tracking


Two of the best features of QuickBooks are- GPS tracking and image uploading to the timesheet. That makes this tool perfect for fieldworkers. 

You can track the timeslots, location, and tasks of each employee working onsite. The tool lets personnel upload pictures of the workfield to the timesheet.

Members of the team can use a secure PIN to start the task after arriving at the location.

Teachers can also use QuickBooks for student attendance and assignment tracking.

Price: Paid plans starting from $10/month

5. ProofHub


If you work and charge on a per-hour basis, ProofHub is the right tool for you. It’s an online project and time tracking app with solid collaboration features.

You can start the billing cycle as soon as you start the timer of the task. The app sorts all your working hours in an organized worksheet.

The tool also offers real-time collaboration, advanced project tracking, and personalized reports. 

Price: Flat fees starting from $45/month

6. Teamwork


Teamwork, a project management software, comes with sleek time tracking features. The app makes it effortless to track the tasks and timeslots of each team member.

You can break the hours into more understandable timelines for your clients. 

With the in-depth analysis, you can reallocate timeslots, create estimates for the timesheet, and make optimized use of the resources. 

Teamwork is perfect for budgeting and building transparency with your clients. 

Price: Free, Paid plans starting from $10/user/month

7. Hubstaff


HubStaff is for companies that often send employees on-site for different projects. With its time and GPS tracking features, companies can monitor their employees during business travel.

It’s suitable for architects, salespeople, delivery executives, and on-the-go personnel. You can analyze each employee’s work hours, create automatic payrolls and send payments through HubStaff itself.

It’s a perfect tool to stay on top of all projects and define custom timesheets for everyone.

Price: Free, Paid plans starting from $7/user/month

8. Wrike


Wrike is an online employee time tracking and resource management app. It helps you design a timeline to prioritize work and enhance productivity.

The app lets you compare the timesheet of each project to create a better plan. The simple and sorted view of the timesheet shows the usage of resources.

You can track employees’ timelines and balance the workload. The automatic reports distinguish between billable and non-billable tasks to redefine priorities.

Wrike allows you to lock the timeline to secure it.

Price: Free, Paid plans starting from $9.80/user/month

9. VeriClock


VeriClock is a cloud-based, device-independent, time tracking software. Your team can use the app to punch-in and punch-out from anywhere.

The app has GPS tracking paired with time tracking for personnel to catch up with onsite work. You can set alerts to let employees know about their next activity.

Vericlock detects common punch-out errors to automatically stop the timer. The app maintains work transparency between the company and clients.

Price: Paid plans starting from $5/user

10. DeskTime


DeskTime is a perfect time tracking app that calculates your daily productivity and efficiency hours. 

The app tracks what kind of URLs, programs, or other apps you are using to calculate the most to least productive hours.

DeskTime focuses on three pillars- Project Management, Team Monitoring, Productivity Analysis.

The top two features of the app are Offline Time Tracking and Private Time Options for team members to have personal time.

Price: Free, Paid plans starting from $7/user/month

11. TimeCamp


TimeCamp is an employee productivity tracking app where the entire team can monitor their work status.

It’s a cloud-based solution to help you and your team to follow the assigned timeline.

You can set personalized timers to ensure that everyone will start and finish their task within the designated hours.

Apart from time tracking, you can collaborate with different teams, create invoices for clients, and automate payrolls.

Price: Free, Paid plans starting from $6.3/user/month

Go, Set a Timeline!

Your search for a time management app ends here. By now, you must have decided which app you’d choose.

If you work in a small team, any of the apps would be suitable for you. But if your team travels a lot, get the ones with GPS tracking.

It’s time to uplift your productivity.

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