10+ Highly Effective Ways to Promote an eCommerce Product


When you start an online store, launching the e-commerce site is the easiest part of it.

The actual work starts when you are ready to sell products.

So, if you are wondering how to boost your e-commerce site, you’re on the right page.

There are different ways in which you can promote an e-commerce product and get continuous orders.

Below are some effective ways to promote e-commerce products, in no particular order.

Highly Effective Ways to Promote an eCommerce Product

1. Write a Blog

Blogging is free. You can publish blogs about your products with the right set of keywords.

Work on SEO to reach the right audience for your online store. Once you have people coming to your site, you can redirect them to your eCommerce site.

You can also encourage blog visitors to sign up for your newsletter. That way, you have another way to promote your products.

2. Write Guest Posts

Writing guest blogs is similar to writing your own blogs. But the major difference is, that you can reach the audience of an already established blog website.

Shortlist a few websites that may have the audience you are targeting. You can collaborate with these bloggers to promote your product via a partnership program.

Affiliate marketing via guest blogs can show amazing outcomes. It will also increase the discovery of your online business.

3. Introductory Offers

Introductory offers are a great way to promote a new e-commerce business.

Instead of announcing a product with its price, you can try introductory offers such as:

  • Packages and Bundles at a reasonable price
  • Discount offers
  • Free vouchers or coupons
  • Offers like buy one get one free, or buy a kit and win a product
  • Referral programs
  • Collaborate with other brands

In this way, your products will get introduced to a wide range of customers.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to market your business. It can do wonders for your eCommerce store.

To send marketing emails, your focus should be on gathering emails right from the beginning.

Once you have subscribers, you can send out promotional emails, the weekly newsletter, new product launches, and recent business updates.

Keep growing your email list and create monthly email marketing campaigns.

5. Cross-Selling & Upselling

Cross-selling and upselling can boost overall eCommerce sales.

In cross-selling, you can suggest complementary or similar products that a customer is buying. Showing related products has the potential to increase cart value.

In upselling, you can suggest a better product to a customer than the one they are buying. The chances of customers selecting better and high-end products are higher in upselling.

6. Use Social Media Marketing

Today, everybody is on social media. So it’s the best place to find the right audience for your online store.

Create a brand page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Interact with customers and share updates about your business.

Focus on creating a community rather than just gaining followers.

Launch campaigns with influencers, use social media ad tools, and post humorous content on your brand pages.

7. Use Entry Pop-ups to Grab Attention

The best way to grab a customer’s attention is the entry pop-ups. It hooks them on the site as soon as they enter.

With entry pop-ups, you can show offers, new products, combos, or seek email ids via opt-in forms.

Even if customers ignore the entry pop-up, they at least know about the offer or the product. It increases visibility and creates a positive impact on customers.

8. Retarget Visitors With Exit Offers

Unlike entry popups, exit popups appear right before the customer is leaving the site without any purchase.

Exit pop-ups can help change customers’ minds to proceed with their cart. By showing the right offer before the customer leaves, you can increase sales and reduce cart abandonment.

On exit pop-ups, you can show offers, introduce combo products, highlight new products, and much more.

Both entry and exit pop-ups can turn visitors into customers.

9. Google and Facebook Ads

Google ads and Facebook ads are powerful tools to increase brand reach.

Both Google and Facebook are highly used platforms. You can use their ad tools to run ad campaigns in targeted regions.

The best part is that you can decide the ad budget and these tools will use it the right way.

There could be a slight learning curve with analytics, but you can experiment and grow.

10. Google My Business Promotions

Google My Business is another way to connect with customers. By having an account on Google My Business, people can search for your business to gain more information.

Google My Business allows you to create a profile where you can integrate your website, phone number, google maps location, post updates, and seek reviews.

It creates trust and transparency with potential customers. 

11. Contests & Giveaways

Contests and Giveaways make customers happy. Not only is it fun for customers, but they will share their experience with others.

It can boost word-of-mouth discovery and your customer base.

Contests and Giveaways encourage a brand-customer relationship. It builds trust and increases the rate of returning customers.

These two strategies work both at the beginning of the business and throughout. The best way to keep customers hooked.

12. Customer Reviews

Last but not least. Customer reviews play a very important role in product marketing. In fact, it’s the most authentic way to share the overall shopping experience with other customers.

Seek reviews in the most natural way possible. Don’t force or plant review. Let customers share their experiences in a way they feel comfortable.

Google reviews, on-site reviews, and social media review posts, all can benefit your business. 

Final Words

When you are creating a marketing plan, a few things would work brilliantly and a few won’t. That will give you an idea of where to shift your focus.

Try out the above things. See what is working best for you. Either focus on that only or improvise. Marketing gets better with practice and market understanding. Keep up with new trends and you’ll bring your A-game.

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