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6 Features You Should Check Before Registering a Domain Name [2021]


After choosing a domain name for your WordPress blog, the next thing you need to do is to register that domain name. 

But, before domain name registration, you should know about the things and aspects you should check before registering a domain name. 

So, we’ve compiled a complete list of all the things related to the domain name registration which will help you in figuring out – 

  1. What features you should look at while registering domain names? 
  2. Which domain name registrars are the best and cheap in the market?
  3. What you should avoid while registering a domain name?

So, let’s dive in. 

1. First-time Pricing


Everyone wants to save money and try to spend as little as they can when starting a website. 

That makes the pricing of a domain name important. But it varies from registrar to registrar. 

You might find the same domain name cheap at 1 place and costlier at the other. 

Check out the table below –

2. High Renewal Cost


Renewal prices are equally important as first-time prices and must be equal or slightly high than registration costs. 

Many domain registrars make you their customer by offering high discounts in the first-time pricing. 

But later on, overcharge you on renewals. So make sure you carefully check renewal prices of all domain name registrars.

3. Transfer Prices


Some domain registrars charge an extra transfer fee and some don’t. 

Most of the popular registrars will only charge you the regular renewal price for the domain when you transfer your domain into their panel. 

You should definitely avoid the registrar who charges much higher than the regular domain cost.
Godaddy$7.99$9.99 ($20.99)-$4.99$11.99 ($34.99)
NameCheap$8.88 ($12.98)$10.98 ($14.98)$10.88 ($14.98)$12.88 ($13.88)$22.99 ($25.98)

4. Whois Guard


Whois privacy protection for domains is not mandatory, but if it’s included in the decent domain price, it’s a good deal. 

Domain privacy protects you from spam calls and emails as your personal information will be hidden from the public records. 

RegistrarWhois Included?Price
NameCheapYesFree (Forever)

5. Free Email Address – 

Many domain registrars charge an extra fee for creating private email addresses. 

So make sure you always check if the email addresses are free. 

And if they are charging some amount then make sure they are charging an affordable amount.

(a) Godaddy

  • $1.99/month ($4.99/month renewal – 5GB Storage)
  • $3.99/month ($5.99/month renewal – 50GB Storage)

(b) NameCheap

Free Trial (2 Months, $0.25/email/month)

(c) Bigrock

  • 2 email accounts at $1.58/month
  • 5 email accounts at $3.95/month

6. SSL 


This one has become super-important not only for website security but also for SEO rankings. 

HTTPS is now a ranking signal in Google algorithm and adding it in your website will give you a slight advantage in search engine rankings. 

Some domain name registrars provide free SSL certificate.

For others, you need to purchase and install an SSL certificate separately. 

Check if it’s included in the domain registration or not. 

RegistrarRapid SSL PriceSSL CompanyWarrant Level
Godaddy$63.99/year ($79.99 renewal)GodaddyNot Mentioned
HostGator$19.99/year (Renews at $39.99/year)PositiveSSL$10,000

Our Recommendations

It’s a good practice to save some money whenever you can.

A domain name might not cost you a lot, but services related to a domain name can really make a huge difference.

So, make sure you always look for the above features while registering a new domain name.

Let us know if you have any queries related to domain names and their registration.

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