6 Types Of Blog Posts That Are Proven To Boost Website Traffic & Attract More Backlinks


People are using different types of content marketing strategies to create great, engaging and high-performing content.

But it’s not just content that does the trick, type of blog post or content format also plays a very important role in the process.

And, in this article, we are going to cover –

  • What types of blog posts attract more backlinks and bring more social shares?
  • What are the most popular types of content that will boost your organic and social media traffic?

So, let’s get started –

1. List Posts (also known as Listicles)

List Posts are the evergreen content type. It never goes out of fashion and trends.

All you need to do is to keep updating that list from time to time.


List Post follows a very simple process – 

  1. Introduce a problem
  2. Create a list of solutions to the problem
  3. Conclude and recommend the best solutions. 

Benefits of List Posts 

  1. Easy to find listicle ideas.
  2. List posts tend to get more shares on social media platforms. 
  3. It has easiest structure to scan and read. 
  4. List-post has a high CTR. 
  5. Works well with multiple things – 
    • Tools
    • Tips & Tricks
    • Strategies
    • Events
    • Locations
    • Products
    • Types

You can create a list of almost everything and anything. Even this post is a list of content types. 

List Post Examples

A list of cheap email marketing services by TheMaverickSpirit gathered more than 300 shares on social platforms along with 3.5K post views.


Another example is of On-Page SEO strategies crafted by Brian Dean from Backlinko that has been shared by more than 20K people on social media.


2. How-to Posts and Tutorials

How-to content and tutorial post type work really well when it comes to driving traffic.

They solve user’s pain points and provide an instant solution to their problems step-by-step.

The more detailed and complete your solution –

  1. More users will like it,
  2. More worthy it will be, and
  3. More people will link to it.

One of the best things about how-to and tutorials is that they are divided into small steps which make them easy to understand and go through them. 

Some Examples 

  1. How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Blog That You Won’t Regret [IF Post Link]

3. Research and Case Study

Detailing and uniqueness of the content is the secret behind the success of research posts and case studies. 

  • Just make sure your case study covers a topic that people care about.
  • Another reason for its success is that it adds value to the reader.
  • And chances are they might end up mentioning your research work in their next post or an existing post.

This not only helps you get more visibility but also drive more traffic and backlinks to your website.

Case Study Examples 

Brian Dean created a post after he analyzed 1 million Google search results.


That post has a lot of unique stats that its social share counter went up to 9K along with over 7K backlinks.


4. Guides (Complete, Ultimate etc)

What is a Guide? A guide is a detailed long-form content type that covers almost everything about a topic that’s available at the time of creation.

But it’s not just an ordinary long post, it differs in content quality, length, style, approach, and many other things. 

Benefits of Guides

  1. You can use guides as bait to build your email list. 
  2. You can create a PDF of your guide and circulate it around social media, email marketing, push notifications, and other marketing platforms. 
  3. Makes you popular and expert in your field if your guide liked by people. 
  4. It’s very unlikely for a guide to get out of date because of the details and valuable content you have gathered.

5. Infographics

Though it’s more of visual content, it works great when it comes to traffic. 

Source: Neomam

Hence named infographics = info + graphics. 

Great visuals like infographics tend to get a huge number of shares, views, love, and popularity around websites and social platforms across the web. 

Infographics are one of the best ways to express your ideas, concepts, and knowledge. 

Some Interesting Stats About Infographics

(a) Infographics can increase web traffic by 12%. (Demand Gen Report)

(b) Publishers that feature infographics grow traffic 12% faster than publishers that don’t feature infographics. (Anson Alex)

(c) 30.4% of marketers stated that they used original graphics, such as infographics and illustrations, most frequently. (Venngage)

(d) 41.5% of marketers said that original graphics, such as infographics and illustrations, performed best. (Venngage)

6. Videos

Visual content creation is nothing new and has been around since the beginning of content marketing. 

That’s the reason why popular social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram have become visual social platforms. 

Come to think of it, there’s no surprise why Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. 

Videos communicate and grab the audiences’ attention directly and provide a solution to the problem more effectively.  

That’s the reason why people are now switching to – 

  1. Product videos
  2. Video testimonials
  3. Live video streaming (on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook)
  4. Educational Videos (Creating courses on their websites, Udemy, etc.)

That’s not all.

According to 43% B2C marketers, pre-produced video is the most effective type of content for marketing purposes. (Demand Gen Report)

Bonus Tips

Here are 2 bonus tips for you –

1. Update Your Content Regularly

Some part of your content might get out-of-date with time.

Therefore it’s super important to update your content regularly to maintain its freshness and rankings on SERPs.

You can re-promote it via social channels, email marketing, and other marketing channels as updated content.

2. Re-create Your Content in Other Formats

Always keep a track of how well your content is performing.

Re-create your high-performing content in other formats.

For example, if a blog post content is performing well enough and you know the audience is loving it, then you can create an ebook, infographic, podcast, or a video of the same blog post.

This will not only boost your traffic but will also help you in gaining new your email list and social platform subscribers.

Summing Up: Content Can Be Greatly Varied

The success of your content marketing is sure if your content stands out. 

Each content type has different features and approach, hence they all play a crucial role in driving traffic to a website. 

We will recommend you to try multiple content types on your website as you will have a better chance to target a different group of audience with each type of content. 

More the audience, the more chances of getting shares, backlinks, leads, and conversions.

Also, it will power your content marketing strategy and take it to a whole new level. 

Let us know what content types you mostly use in the comments below.

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