WP Rocket Review – The Fastest Way To Speed Up Your Site!


Can’t you bear with slow websites? What a resemblance! Me too. It’s not only you and me; nobody likes it. 

Right from the website owners to the website visitors, above all the browser itself, Google does not like them. 

A slow website can slow down the revenue generation of your business.


The visitors can give up on your website as they get irritated whenever they visit the website.

Consequently, the traffic on your portal will drop significantly. Google page ranking may drop too because a slow website creates a negative impression on SEO as well.

What to do to get rid of this unwanted situation? 

I suggest using WP Rocket – the best WordPress caching plugin which will help you optimize your website’s speed. This will automatically yield huge traffic, and more traffic indicates more revenues from the business.   

WP Rocket installs in less than 5 minutes.

This premier plugin is fast from its core. I am sure that you will love it if you start using it.

An Overview of WP Rocket – Best Caching Plugin for WordPress

WP Rocket is the only fully premium WordPress Cache login since it was launched back in 2013.

It is a brain-child of the two developers Jonathan Buttigieg and Jean-Baptiste. They developed it just for their websites when they found there are no outstanding plugins in the market that can make the websites fast.  


This is suitable for beginners as well as full-stack developers.

Whether you are just starting or owning a WordPress website for years, WP rocket will widen your smile by making your website faster than ever.   

This is created to enhance the speed of the website without other’s help.

You don’t need to install multiple plugins and configurations along with this. It has become immensely popular, and billions of people are using this to improve their websites’ performance.    

Advantages of WP Rocket Cache Plugin

Before using it, you must know the details about this caching plugin. Caching has a vital role in the performance of WordPress websites. 

It has several benefits. Read on to go deep.

1. The Server Load is Reduced

Cache plugin creates a static copy of the web pages, which helps to reduce server load.

2. Improvement of User Experience

It increases the speed of loading your website, which elevates user experience.

They will like to explore various pages of the site and come back to the website over and over again. A quick website will generate more traffic, which will boost up your business too.

3. Engagement and CTR are Elevated

A fast website will likely have more user engagements and high CTR in comparison to a slow one.

4. Pagespeed Goes Higher

Cache plugin improves page speed, which is a significant ranking factor In Google’s algorithm.

Features Of WP Rocket That Will Impress You

Several features of this cache plugin make it stand out of others.

If you have experience with other popular WP cache plugins, you will find that it is easier to configure than W3TC and faster than the WP Super cache plugin.

It offers you a wide range of useful features –

  • Separate cache files for mobile devices
  • Compression of Javascript, HTML and CSS files
  • Can combine CSS, HTML, and Javascript when needed
  • Safe mode for JQuery
  • Offers sitemap based cache preloading
  • File optimization
  • Advanced level cache rules
  • Power to remove query strings
  • Bot-based cache preload
  • One-click add-ons are available there to extend features readily without the need for further configuration.
  • You can optimize the WordPress database too, which is extremely helpful to improve the overall performance of the website.  

WP Rocket Affordable Pricing Plans

 WP Rocket comes with 3 different plans –

  • Single which costs 49$ gives you support for 1 year and updates of 1 site
  • Plus that costs 99$ also gives you support for 1 year but 3 sites’ updates
  • Infinite that costs 249$ gives you support for 1 year but unlimited sites’ updates

Final Verdict – Is WP Rocket Better than Super Cache or W3 Total Cache?

If you are a WordPress developer, the WP Rocket will fascinate you with its various features embedded in one Plugin. 

It comes very handy for WordPress sites. It is easy to install and use. 

I have tried it and am thoroughly satisfied. Now it is your turn!

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