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Submit a Guest Post – Guidelines for InformativeFeeds

If you love to write content – 

  • To help people learn things.
  • Provide solutions to their problems.
  • Increase awareness in a specific niche or topic.

Let’s talk!

InformativeFeeds is a blogging space where we tend to share knowledge in various niches. 

If you are a passionate writer who is looking for exposure or if you came here to promote your product or service.

Then, you must know that InformativeFeeds is a multiniche blog! So you only need to share the article headings that fall in one of our categories –

  • How To
  • Buy
  • Reviews
  • Listicles

How Can You Become an InformativeFeeds Contributor?

To get the approval of your guest post, read the conditions carefully. 

  • Visit InformativeFeeds homepage to know the types of articles we publish also to track which post type is more likable by our audience. 
  • Draft content that adds value to the readers. 
  • Before submitting an article or sending out the topics! Make a thorough research on the InformativeFeeds blog. So that you don’t submit an already published post. 

Article guidelines to follow – 

We will accept guest posts or sponsored post contributions only if they meet the below guidelines.

Make sure you follow these or else we will simply ignore your email or mark it as spam. 

  • Article length should contain a minimum of 800 words. 
  • Submit the original content only.
  • Include images and videos wherever they are required. And give proper credits to them if they belong to someone else. 
  • By submitting a post to InformativeFeeds, you give us the copyright ownership of the post. So that we can deal with any DMCA issues. 
  • You will be given an author profile and an author bio in the post where you can link only one social profile to help people connect with you if required. 

Contribute your Post to InformativeFeeds 

Now that you are clear with all the guidelines to submit a guest post on InformativeFeeds. 

It’s time to send your pitch to us – 

Email – 

Admin[at] with following – 

Subject – 

Guest posting at InformativeFeeds

In Content – 

  • Mention the article titles and outline. 
  • If you require any backlink in the post. Let us know this before. 

If your idea gets approved, we will create an author profile for you so that you can submit your post directly from InformativeFeeds dashboard. 

In case you have any queries to submit a guest post! Get in touch with us using our contact form

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